T-shirts: El Futuro es Femeninx Kids Sizes


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“El futuro es femeninx” literally translates to the future is female. However, “femenino” has two meanings, those being female and feminine. Because the word can also mean feminine it can be applied to anyone as an adjective. Depending on who it was applied to it would either be femenino or femenina as Spanish is gendered. In an attempt to be more inclusive of all genders we have placed an “x” instead of an “a” or an “o.”┬áNonetheless, the “x” also defies the idea “el futuro” or the future is masculine. Since “el futuro” is masculine its correlation would be “femenino,” the “x” not only implies that it is female, but it also implies that it is an inclusive female future. Lastly, it also implies that male dominated spheres such as language are being defied by sheer existence of the phrase.

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Blue, Peach


10 youth, 12youth, 18-24mos onesie, 2T, 4T, 6 youth, 8 youth