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Womencrafts Provincetown | A Provincetown lesbian owned and operated store that carries jewelry, pottery, and gifts handcrafted by women
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Kate Clinton, Cris Williamson, and Karen Grenier Sing at Womencrafts!


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The Womencrafts Scrapbook

Every family has its own scrapbook and photo album, and the Womencrafts family is no exception. Pour yourself a tea, settle in, and take a walk through our past with us. Click the image below to get started.

Kathryn Livelli

My journey at Womencrafts began in the late 1990's. After working for Carol & Joie for a number of years, my loving partner, Debbie and I considered buying a guest house in Provincetown. After telling the prior owners, they asked us if we would consider...

Fay Jacobs

Back in the late 1970s (or was it 1980?) I was still firmly in the closet. On a trip to Cape Cod, a very aware straight friend took me to Provincetown, hoping I’d see all the women together and feel comfy enough to start coming out. I sat in...


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