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Amanda Town Welch Womencrafts Provincetown
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Kate Wilkinson

I have been frequenting Womencrafts for over four years. My wife works with Michelle (the owner)’s mom, and every time we go in it always seems like a small family reunion. There’s always something new that catches my eye. Recently, we fell in love with the handmade hats and buttons (my daughter even submitted a drawing that was made into I love my 2 moms button). My wife bought a sweatshirt this fall that says “Love is…” and sports a paw inside a heart shaped women symbol. She wears is every week! It’s very had to leave Provincetown without a Womencrafts’ purchase.

I only recently came out and remember being a little nervous about going to the Cape. I don’t have a lot of family support and was unsure about the trip. It didn’t take long for me to realize Womencrafts is a place of acceptance. I love Provincetown and I’m always so sad when I leave, but when I use the items from Womencrafts it reminds me how much my heart really belongs there.

Kate Wilkinson