Kate Wilkinson

When I shopped for the very first time at “Womencrafts” Carol and Jo had just become new owners of “Womencrafts” I believe it was 1978. I started buying “Jane Iris” jewerlry at that time as well as pottery, books, tape of Womyn music. I always shopped at “Womencrafts” annually until moving to California in 1992. I have been back as often as possible at “Womens Week” and was there with “Women On a Roll” for parts of the filming of “Clambake” I was at the first “Womens Week” in 1984. My favorite shop in Provincetown has always been “Womencrafts” and with great delight always supporting all the beautiful and wonderful items that are all Womyn made that I enjoy buying for all my friends as well as for myself!!!

**note in photo: Gleta is rocking an old school gold labrys!