Ptown Heart


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The symbol of unity and thanks to essential workers during Covid 2020 on the Outer Cape has been these hearts on large pallets and our version, the paint stirrer pallet.  If you have been to Ptown this year, these signs are in over 200 businesses and in over 2000 homes (Ptown and beyond).  Hang one on your door, in a window, or wherever you want to send the message we are all in this together.

The hearts are made on the tables and floor of Womencrafts late into the night after the shop closes by Michelle(shop owner), Carol (coworker), Jody (honorary back of house), Kathy (mom of shop), and whichever child is around to help.  They are made of paint stirrers, hot glue, and red paint- nothing fancy and highly replicable.  We have had so many requests to ship them, but honestly the shape and size has not been conducive to mailing them affordably.  That is, until, stroke of genius, we realized they fit in pizza boxes.  So, if you order one or more they will arrive in a pizza box (hopefully in one piece).